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How Do I Know if I Injured my Knee – All Testing Done on Site

Posted on Sat, Aug 24, 2013 @ 18:08 PM

How Do I Know if I Injured my Knee – All Testing Done on Site 

There are four primary knee ligaments that can be injured easily, and during injury, the ligament(s) may be ruptured or stretched. A ligament tear can be partial, meaning merely a few of the fibers that make up the ligament is ruptured, or complete (the ligament is completely torn). Knee injuries can cause swelling, pain, bruising, tenderness, and reduced movement of the knee.

The patient’s knee may feel unstable and he may even walk with a limp. Treatment types of knee ligament injuries depend largely on several factors that include, how active or sporty the individual is, and which ligament is injured.

Symptoms of Knee Ligament Injury

If a person has injured one or more of the ligaments in his knee, the signs and symptoms are likely to be serious, no matter what ligament is injured. The severity of the signs andknee surgeon symptoms depends greatly on the degree of the ligament injury. For instance, a completely torn ligament may produce more symptoms compared to a sprained ligament.

The signs and symptoms of knee injuries may or may not include the following:

- A popping type of sound or even a snapping feeling at the time of the injury can often be heard at the moment the ligament is torn
- Swelling of the knee that can be caused by bleeding inside the knee joint
- Pain in the knee (this depends largely on the severity of knee injuries)
- Tenderness around the knee when it is touched
- Not being able to move or use the knee normally (in complete tears of the ligaments, the patient’s movement can be seriously reduced
- A feeling that the knee is giving way or unstable when a person tries to stand on his knee
- Bruises around the knee can be obvious, but they do take time to develop

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