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NYC MCL Surgery Cost – Most Insurance Accepted

Posted on Sat, Sep 14, 2013 @ 12:09 PM

NYC MCL Surgery Cost – Most Insurance Accepted 

MCL surgery is a relatively common procedure performed by orthopedic surgeons to treat MCL injuries. Nowadays, most surgeons would recommend a minimally invasive procedure called arthroscopic surgery. To perform this surgery, an orthopedic surgeon inserts an arthroscope – a small medical device – into the knee joint through a tiny incision. Typically, the arthroscope is used in combination with additional medical tools, particularly if further repairs are needed for the injury.

Arthroscopic Procedure Cost

MCL surgery costs differ from surgeon to surgeon and from state to state. On average,mcl surgery cost patients can uncover orthopedic surgeons who perform the procedure for about $4,700, while others may charge as high as and $32,000. The cost depends largely on the surgeon’s expertise and his medical center of choice. The majority of health insurance policies cover the procedure, but it is desirable that patients check beforehand with the surgeons to find out which health insurances are accepted.

The following are examples of accepted insurances:

- Fidelis Care
- Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
- United Healthcare
- Capital District Physicians Health Plan

Is this Surgery Necessary?

If a patient incurs severe damages to his knee, it is necessary to obtain arthroscopic MCL surgery, because a surgeon can gain valuable information in regards to the severity of the injury and any associated injuries to other ligaments. If he finds any ligament disruptions, he will discuss the treatment options with the patient.

A couple of common procedures performed during an arthroscopic surgery include the following:

Removal of Meniscal tears – These injuries are common among athletes. When an athlete incurs a tear to his meniscus, it gristles on each side of his knee joint or splits in his cartilage. This injury makes it impossible for the athlete to absorb any sort of impact.

Biopsies of injuries – Orthopedic surgeons often carry out biopsies for recurrent inflammation, swelling, and/or knee pain to determine the causes, especially if there are no obvious reasons for the injury, blow, or fall.

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