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NYC MCL Surgery Prices – Most Insurance Accepted

Posted on Fri, Sep 6, 2013 @ 11:09 AM

NYC MCL Surgery Prices – Most Insurance Accepted 

MCL surgery prices can be difficult to comprehend, especially because medical costs for the same surgical intervention can vary considerably based on the patient’s condition, the surgeon’s expertise, the location, and many other significant factors. People who need a vital knee surgery need to understand that the overall costs will differ compared to other patients.

Surgery Costs

During some MCL injuries, the patients may need a knee arthroscopic or reconstructive surgery to the knee. These surgery types can be very costly, but most surgeries consist of MCL surgery prices for anesthesia services, supplies, nurses, and an operating room. The expenses for these surgical interventions are usually as follows:

Knee Replacement Surgery – approximately $20,000mcl surgery prices
Knee Arthroscopy Surgery – approximately $5,900
Reconstruction Surgery - approximately $10,500

As mentioned earlier, the MCL surgery prices often vary from one location and from one surgeon to the next. Patients should keep in mind that the more experienced their surgeons are, the more they will spend on the surgeon’s professional advice and expertise. Nonetheless, there are several surgeons who provide their consultations free of charge, which is a huge benefit to many patients who do not have health insurance.

Health Insurance Policies

Patients with health insurances do not have to spend a lot of their own money on the treatment that they need. Their health insurance can cover most of the MCL surgery prices, but there may be additional costs that they will have to pay from their own pockets. Individuals who want to use their health insurance need to find out from the orthopedic surgeons if their policies are accepted by the particular medical center.

Below are examples of accepted health insurances:

- Oxford Health Plans
- Humana
- Capital District Physicians Health Plan
- Fidelis Care
- Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
- Oxford Health Plans
- Evercare

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