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Who is the Best Doctor For My Knee – All Testing Done on Site

Posted on Wed, Sep 11, 2013 @ 11:09 AM

Who is the Best Doctor For My Knee – All Testing Done on Site 

Athletes who participate in contact sports or sports that require them to perform “pivoting” actions are prone to knee injuries. Knee injuries consist of ACL tears, MCL tears, LCL tears, cartilage tears, tendon ruptures, and more. When athletes incur any of the aforementioned knee injuries, they are often referred to a knee doctor. Specialist knee doctors are able to examine, diagnose, and offer treatment options to ensure that the injuries recover fully.

On-site Tests

Normally, if athletes incur a knee injury on site (during sports matches, training, etc.), the sports doctor will perform a number of on-site tests to determine how serious the knee injuryknee doctor is. These on-site tests include Anterior Drawer, Pivot, McMurray, and Lachman. The sports doctor typically performs any of the above tests immediately when the athlete complains of pain. If she finds that the athlete has a torn ligament or a ruptured tendon, she will refer him to an experienced knee doctor to conduct further tests.

Consult a Knee Doctor Immediately

As soon as the athlete consults a knee specialist, he will obtain all the information that he needs to know about his injury. However, the doctor will first order an X-ray test or a CT scan to determine the severity of his injury and to find out if there is any associated injury. Once the results are received, she will go through them and discuss the best treatment option with her patient.

Find the Best Knee Surgeon

To obtain the best advice and treatment, it is vital that patients search for the best knee doctor in their town. Besides being referred by other medical practitioners, patients can save time by conducting research online. Find out as much as possible about the doctor’s qualifications, expertise, specializations, fees, and additional medical costs. Alternatively, they can talk to their colleagues, relatives, or other athletes who have previously received treatment from a reputable knee surgeon.

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