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Who is the Best Doctor for My Shoulder – All Testing Done on Site

Posted on Wed, Sep 4, 2013 @ 11:09 AM

Who is the Best Doctor for My Shoulder – All Testing Done on Site

When a person suffers an injury to his shoulder, it can cause extreme pain. At times, swelling and inflammation occur and add to the pain, the person may not be able to move his shoulder. Thus, it is essential that he consults a shoulder doctor immediately to obtain professional treatment. If athletes incur these injuries, there are often sports doctors who will perform a number of on-site tests to determine how serious the shoulder injury is.

Reasons for Consulting Shoulder Doctors

Shoulder doctors specialize in diagnosing and treating patients with shoulder injuries, whichshoulder doctor may include tears to the rotator cuff. When a patient consults a doctor that specializes in shoulder injuries, he will receive all the information that he needs concerning shoulder injuries and obtain the best treatment.

Common Surgeries Performed by Shoulder Doctors

Shoulder doctors or surgeons perform a number of common orthopedic surgeries on a daily basis, such as rotator cuff surgeries. These surgeries can be carried out as an open surgery or arthroscopic surgery. These days, the arthroscopic surgical procedure is deemed the most popular, because it is minimally invasive and requires a shorter recovery period.

Signs and Symptoms to Consult Shoulder Doctors

If athletes or highly active individuals incur injuries to their shoulder, it is essential to consult a shoulder doctor in their area shortly after the injury occurs. The following are crucial signs and symptoms that require the attention of the doctor without delay:

- Patients that have difficulty in using their arm or hand to carry objects
- Patients experience extreme pain in their shoulder joint, especially during resting or sleeping
- Patents have bruises around the joint or injury
- Patients’ shoulder is inflamed
- Patients experience swelling around their injury, shoulder, or joint
- Patients have difficulty in straightening their arm or hand

The aforementioned are merely a few significant signs and symptoms that need the attention of a shoulder doctor immediately. In order to obtain the best doctor in town, patients should contact 646-593-7305 and talk to one of the representatives. Alternatively, they can click the button below and they will receive a call shortly.  


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