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10 Top Things To Know Before Choosing an ACL Surgeon in NYC

Posted on Sun, Sep 22, 2013 @ 17:09 PM

10 Top Things To Know Before Choosing an ACL Surgeon in NYC

Generally, a patient chooses which ACL surgeon should treat his injured knee. The following list contains the top 10 things people should know before choosing an ACL surgeon:

1. Reputation – Nowadays, individuals have unlimited access to information and details related to ACL surgeons and other health practitioners. The Internet allows them to access doctors’ profiles, reviews, and they can determine the surgeon’s reputation.

2. Credentials – Patients in need of an ACL surgeon should certainlychoosing an acl surgeon check the surgeon’s credentials first, for instance, which medical school he attended, where he completed his residency, what his specializations are, and more.

3. Availability – While consulting a popular doctor may generally mean he is the best, no patients should feel as if they are being rushed out of a consultation.

4. Location – Consider the location when choosing an ACL surgeon. Meeting the surgeon should not be a stressful event. The closer he is to the patient’s home, the better it is.

5. Rapport – Choose a surgeon whom patients can respect, trust, and have an honest conversation with regard to the ACL injuries and other related illnesses.

6. Bedside Manners – Patients should want an ACL surgeon who listens and does not brush them off in order to get to his next appointment, for example. Therefore, consider choosing an ACL surgeon with a compassionate tone.

7. Payment Options/Methods – It is essential that patients choose an ACL surgeon who accepts their insurance plans. Confirm with the surgeon which insurance plans he accepts before making an appointment.

8. Age – The older the surgeon, the more experience he usually possesses.

9. Gender – Most people are more comfortable with consulting a male surgeon, while others may feel more at ease when they consult a female surgeon. This is entirely one’s personal preference, but something that should be considered.

10. Office Organization – Patients deal with the surgeon’s front office every time they visit him. Thus, consider the friendliness, professionalism, and orderliness of the staff.

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