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Choosing an NYC ACL Surgeon – All Testing Done on Site

Posted on Tue, Sep 17, 2013 @ 15:09 PM

Choosing an NYC ACL Surgeon – All Testing Done on Site

Athletes who participate in contact sports incur injuries on a regular basis. Whether it is during a training session or a match, there is always a sports medicine doctor on site to examine players who are injured. He will perform a number of on-site tests to determine the severity of the injury and often refer the patient to an ACL surgeon if the injury is serious enough.

On-site tests include the following:

- Pivot Shift Test

The sports medicine doctor will advise the player to lie on his side with his injured kneeACL surgeon extended. While the injured knee is flexed, the doctor will apply pressure to the side of the knee. If the player feels a blow or a crash at 30 degrees flexion, it is usually a clear sign that the player has severely injured his ACL.

- Lachman Test

Qualified sports medicine doctors perform this test to establish if players have injured their ACL and to find out if there are any associated injuries. The Lachman test can be done on-site immediately after a player is carried off the field. This particular on-site test is regarded as the best test to carry out in comparison to the drawer test, which is typically used to determine ACL tears.

ACL Treatment Options

Normally, drugs and rehabilitation would suffice, but these treatment options are more suitable for players who incur minor injuries. However, people with severely torn or injured ACLs are often referred to an ACL surgeon, so that he can run several imaging diagnostic tests to establish if the player needs Arthroscopy or reconstruction surgery. Surgery is often followed by relevant rehabilitation and medications to help relieve pain and inflammation.

As soon as the surgery is over, the ACL surgeon will refer his patient to a physical therapist. The physical therapist will examine the player and his knee, and then, schedule regular therapy sessions to help the patient regain his knee function and motion.

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