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NYC Shoulder Pain Doctors – All Testing Done on Site

Posted on Tue, Sep 24, 2013 @ 17:09 PM

NYC Shoulder Pain Doctors – All Testing Done on Site

Shoulder injuries can be very painful, especially if patients do not consult experienced shoulder pain doctors to examine and treat them immediately. If a person incurs a tear to his rotator cuff or dislocates his shoulder, he will experience swelling and inflammation around the injury within several hours.

If the shoulder is left untreated, he may not be able to move his shoulder and even conducting simple daily tasks like lifting his arm to eat or drink will be difficult. For this reason, the injuredshoulder pain doctors person needs to consult a shoulder doctor right away to obtain the right treatment.

Why Seeking Medical Attention from Shoulder Doctors are Vital

People can easily injure their shoulders during contact sports or vigorous activities. Sports medical doctors on duty often carry out a few on-site tests to determine the severity of the shoulder injury. One of the tests is the drop-arm test; it requires the patient to raise his arm above his head and slowly downwards to his side. If his arm falls down immediately, it is usually an indication that he has a torn rotator cuff.

Once the test is over, the sports medical doctor will refer the patient to one of the best shoulder pain doctors. A shoulder doctor will request that the patient undergo several imaging diagnostic tests to verify the injury type. As soon as the shoulder doctor diagnoses the injury, he will offer a number of appropriate treatment options and advise the patient to consider the options before making his final decision. Rehabilitation is necessary and typically lasts quite a few months.

Treatment Options Provided by Shoulder Doctors

Shoulder pain doctors will only recommend shoulder surgeries if the injuries are very serious. These days, shoulder doctors perform arthroscopic surgeries on their patients, because these surgical interventions are minimally invasive and allow patients to recover quicker compared to open surgeries.

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