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ACL Surgery v. Full Knee Replacement Surgery

Posted on Sun, Oct 13, 2013 @ 09:10 AM

ACL Surgery v. Full Knee Replacement Surgery 

A tear in the ACL is one of the most frequent knee injuries among athletes all over the world. The injury to the anterior cruciate ligament causes the knee to become wobbly and the joint to glide forward excessively. To repair the torn ligament, an orthopedic surgeon normally performs ACL surgery, particularly a reconstruction procedure.

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ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL reconstruction surgery is normally not carried out until a few weeks after the athlete incurs the injury. Surgeons will normally wait until swelling and inflammation have decreased. The surgical intervention requires a surgeon to completely remove the torn ligament and replace it with a new ACL graft. Simply re-attaching the torn ends will not fully repair the ACL.

Usually, part of other ligaments, for instance from the hamstring or the knee, is utilized to form a graft to replace the torn ACL. An ACL surgeon will normally choose the proper type of graft depending on his patient’s condition. ACL surgery necessitates several months to fully recuperate and rehabilitation is required as well. Given that surgery is not required for all injuries related to the ACL, it is advisable that a patient consults a highly experienced ACL doctor to obtain the best treatment option.

Full Knee Replacement Surgery

The femur and the tibia hinge the knee, and illnesses, such as arthritis and certain types of knee injuries can damage the cartilage that cushions the joint. When this happens, it can cause the knee to experience stiffness and excruciating pain. Knee replacement surgeries are often recommended when traditional treatments, for example cortisone injections and NSAIDs, fail to improve mobility and relieve the pain.

During full knee replacement surgery, the patient’s entire joint is swapped with a synthetic prosthesis. The end of the femur bone is reinstated with a metal shell, while the end of the tibia bone is built-in with a plastic cup. Generally, orthopedic surgeons perform full knee replacement and ACL surgery.

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