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How to Find Relief for Shoulder Pain NYC – Most Insurances Accepted

Posted on Tue, Oct 8, 2013 @ 09:10 AM

How to Find Relief for Shoulder Pain NYC – Most Insurances Accepted

The shoulder is one of the most complicated and largest joints in the human body. The shoulder joint is consist of the upper arm bone that fits into the shoulder blade. It is often described as a ball fitted into a socket. It is a joint that is commonly injured among athletes and often, they are required to consult an orthopedist to obtain relief for shoulder pain.

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Other significant bones that are found in the shoulder include:

- Acromion
Also known as acromion process; a bony projection from the scapula

- Clavicle
Better known as the collarbone; it meets the acromion situated in the acromioclavicular joint

- Coracoid
A bone that is shaped like a hook found near the scapula

The shoulder joint has other important structures as well, which include the following:

- Bursa
A small sac of fluid that protects and cushions the tendons surrounding the rotator cuff

- Rotator Cuff
A collection of tendons and muscles that cover the shoulder, allowing it an extended range of motion and support

- Cartilage
A group of cartilage known as the labrum structures a cup for the head of the humerus in order to allow it to fit into the scapula

Why do People incur Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder joint consists of a ball and socket with a wide range of movement, making it more vulnerable to a variety of injuries. When one incurs shoulder pain, there is a wide range of relief for shoulder pain treatments. Common causes of shoulder pain include:

- Dislocation
- Tendonitis from overuse
- Strains from over-exertion
- Instability in the shoulder joint
- Frozen Shoulder
- Upper arm or collar bone fractures
- Radiculopathy (pinched nerves)

Shoulder Pain Treatments

Relief for shoulder pain includes anti-inflammatory drugs and paracetamol as well as heat and ice packs. It is imperative that patients search online or check with the local medical boards in the region for the best orthopedist to treat their shoulder pain.

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