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What Are Common Problems with Knee Surgery

Posted on Sat, Oct 5, 2013 @ 09:10 AM

What Are Common Problems with Knee Surgery 

It is reported that approximately 90% of knee surgeries are always successful. Although knee surgery common problems are rare, they do occur occasionally. At times, individuals find that their knee emits funny popping, cracking, or creaking noises after they have undergone a knee replacement. This problem is nothing serious and typically settles down within several months while the knee is busy healing.

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Common Knee Surgery Problems

One other common knee surgery problem is that the scar and its surrounding area may feel slightly numb. This happens due to a small number of nerves (that supply sensation to the skin) that is sometimes cut during the surgical intervention. Nerves take at least 2 years to recover fully, and patients may notice improvements within that period. Nevertheless, any numbness thereafter is unlikely to change.

As with any sort of surgery, there are often risks and complications involved. Medical practitioners will advise their patients about these risks and complications, which typically include risks of using anesthesia, such as breathing problems and allergy reactions to the medications. The following are other knee surgery common problems:

- Swelling
Some fluid build-up in the knee joint that can cause discomfort.

- Nerve Damage/Blood Vessel
This particular problem can affect sensations surrounding the knee joint.

- Pain When Kneeling
This problem can cause discomfort and pain even after the surgical intervention. Patients are advised to knee on a cushion to relieve discomfort and pain.

- Complicated Regional Pain Syndrome
One of the rare knee surgery common problems related to sensation and circulation that can lead to swelling and pain.

- Blood Clots
Blood clots can travel through the body and cause issues such as a stroke or heart attack.

It is advisable that patients consult a prominent orthopaedist to obtain the correct diagnosis and the best treatment option. Moreover, prominent knee specialists are able to provide more information about knee surgery common problems and the best ways to heal them.

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