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Who are the Best Reviewed NYC ACL Doctors – All Testing Done on Site

Posted on Thu, Oct 3, 2013 @ 09:10 AM

Who are the Best Reviewed NYC ACL Doctors – All Testing Done on Site 

Individuals who are looking for ACL doctors should search for the Best Reviewed NYC ACL Doctors in their immediate region. Whether it is a minor or a major injury, it is always sensible to consult a highly reputable ACL doctor. ACL doctors will run several imaging diagnostic tests to accurately determine how serious the injury is, and then, they will offer the best treatment option. One of the best reviewed ACL doctors in NYC is Dr. Jerry Lubliner and patients should certainly try to attain a consultation with him.

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An Orthopedist with Various Awards and Accolades

Dr. Jerry Lubliner is well known in the medical industry and he has served his expertise for over 3 decades. He studied at and graduated from State University in New York in 1980, and received various awards in regards to his medical expertise. One of the awards includes the Patients’ Choice Award, which was awarded to him in 2008.

From 1999 to 2013, he received the Castle Connolly Top Doctors award from the NY Metro area. As one of the Best Reviewed NYC ACL Doctors, Dr. Lubliner offers his knowledge as the Clinical Associate Professor in NYU: School of Medicine.

Affiliations and Associations

Dr. Jerry Lubliner and his associates have provided their expertise for many years and they continue to provide the leading medical advice when it comes to ACL injuries and other injuries related to the human musculoskeletal system. Dr. Lubliner is affiliated with almost a dozen hospitals in America, including the NYU Hospital and Tisch Hospital.

On-Site and Diagnostic Tests

Dr. Lubliner carries out various on-site and diagnostic tests to determine the true seriousness of an injury incurred by a patient. He believes in conducting the right test to ensure that his patients obtain the right diagnosis and treatment. For this reason, he takes his patients through the entire procedure and makes sure that they understand every step of the medical procedure or treatment option.

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