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Find Reliable ACL Construction NYC – All Testing Done On Site

Posted on Tue, Nov 19, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

Find Reliable ACL Construction NYC – All Testing Done On Site

Orthopedic surgeons often recommend ACL construction surgery if their patients incur moderate to major tears to their acute cruciate ligament. Athletes often incur torn ligaments and when these injuries happen, sports medicine doctors will normally verify how serious the injury is by conducting the following on-site tests:

Pivot ShiftFind Reliable ACL Construction NYC – All Testing Done On Site

This on-site test requires an injured athlete to lie on his side and the doctor will straighten and bend the injured leg. While the knee is straightened, he will apply pressure to the patient’s lateral side. If the injured athlete feels a blow during this time, it is a clear sign that he has a torn ACL.

Lachman Test

The Lachman on-site test is commonly carried out to verify if an athlete has a torn or damaged his ACL. It is deemed as the most effective on-site test compared to the drawer test, which was often carried out in the past to verify the same type of injury.

Treatment Options for a Torn ACL

If an athlete incurs a severe ACL tear, an orthopedic surgeon will recommend ACL construction surgery to repair the tear fully. Before the surgical intervention is carried out, the surgeon will order a number of imaging diagnostic tests to establish any type of associated injuries.

Besides ACL construction surgery, patients are ordered to undergo rehabilitation to regain their knee motion and function. It normally takes up to 12 months to regain its standard mobility. If a patient finds it difficult to perform the exercises, then he may need more time to recover. Along with rehabilitation, the surgeon may recommend medications in order to lessen the pain and swelling from surgery.

Is ACL Surgery Truly Necessary?

If athletes want to get back to their sports activities, it is essential that they undergo ACL construction surgery. Without surgery, their injuries can get worse and they would not be able to perform any activities related to their favorite sports.

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