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How Is ACL Repair Done – We Are NYC ACL Experts

Posted on Mon, Nov 18, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

How Is ACL Repair Done – We Are NYC ACL Experts

When someone like a sports enthusiast or a very active individual hurts his knee ligaments or tears his ACL, for instance, it is crucial to consult an ACL medical expert almost instantly. One of these highly experienced medical specialists is the only person who is qualified to perform the proper ACL repair. If the injured ACL is not treated properly, it could cause an athlete to miss months, or even years of sports participation, which will be detrimental to any professional sportsperson. 

Any knee injury requires specific medical tests. A sports medical expert should always perform the tests and he will establish through these common medical testing what the seriousness of the knee injury is. The severity of the injury will most often decide the ideal treatment that should be followed.

What Type of ACL Repair is Available?How Is ACL Repair Done – We Are NYC ACL Experts

1. Knee Surgery

When a professional knee expert diagnoses an ACL injury and he determines that knee surgery, or reconstruction surgery is required, it usually means that the injury is extremely serious. In this case, surgery is the better alternative and a capable surgeon will be in charge of this vital surgery procedure. After the surgery is completed, certain rehabilitation procedures will be necessary to ensure that the knee heals totally from its injury.

2. Applying Ice or Heat Packs

If the knee injury is not that severe, an ice or heat pack would often suffice. It is crucial that they are applied to the injured knee right away, which will reduce the swelling and pain. It may be necessary for the knee expert to prescribe certain medications to reduce the pain and swelling even further.

3. Proper Rehabilitation

This ACL repair procedure is always required, no matter how serious the knee was damaged. If the rehabilitation, which can last for a short or an extended period, is carried out correctly, then the patient’s knee will be ready for any type of activity after completion of the approved rehabilitation.

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