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What Happens To My ACL After Surgery – We Are ACL Surgery Experts In NYC

Posted on Sun, Nov 17, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

What Happens To My ACL After Surgery – We Are ACL Surgery Experts In NYC

After any ACL surgery, there are certain things that need to happen to ensure that the knee and the CL are completely restored back to health. Rehabilitation plays a huge role in fully healing an ACL after surgery. The early phases of any ACL patient’s rehabilitation are probably the moAst important, because if this is completed effectively, the patient will avoid certain complications with his ACL after surgery. Should these early rehabilitation phases be conducted poorly, the patient will fall behind for the entire duration of his rehabilitation progression. 

Here are vital parts of the initial rehabilitation phases that are required for the ACL after surgery:

1. Reduce the Inflammation and PainWhat Happens To My ACL After Surgery – We Are ACL Surgery Experts In NYC

The first step is to reduce the inflammation and pain that are common after an ACL surgery. Focusing on achieving this seemingly simple issue of the ACL after surgery is crucial and the best way to be successful is by using ice packs, compression wraps, elevation, and ankle pumps. A patient can never apply too much ice after an ACL surgery.

2. Restoring the Knee’s Full Extension and Range of Motion

Another extremely important step in ensuring full recovery from ACL surgery is to restore the knee’s full extension and range of motion. When a patient experiences swelling and pain in his knee, it is usually more comfortable to keep the knee slightly bent. However, scar tissue can possibly develop if the knee is kept in this position too long. This is why it is vital to extend the knee as soon as possible after surgery. After starting to extend the knee, the patient should concentrate on slowly restoring full range of motion in the knee.

3. Progress the Knee’s Flexion Motion Gradually

Knee flexion does not happen that often, but it does happen at times. Therefore, it is essential to work on the knee’s flexion motion as well, but do it gradually. Full knee flexion should be achieved within four to six weeks.

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