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ACL Reconstruction Common Problems – All Testing Done On Site

Posted on Sat, Nov 16, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

ACL Reconstruction Common Problems – All Testing Done On Site 

As with any other surgical interventions, ACL reconstruction has some common problems. Below are several common problems that patients could experience in regards to this surgery.

InfectionACL Reconstruction Common Problems – All Testing Done On Site

Typically, a qualified surgeon will choose an arthroscopy above reconstructing his patients’ ACL. This particular surgical procedure is relatively common, which requires the surgeon to make three small incisions in his patients’ knee. Although the procedure entails small incisions, there is still a risk of an infection. An infection occurs due to the presence of a bacteria type from the skin, medical tools, or surrounding environment that can penetrate the wound. If the ACL reconstruction infection is left untreated, it may spread to the patient’s body and cause major complications.

Blood Clots

Most surgeons who perform regular ACL reconstruction surgeries state that blood clots may form in a patient’s leg after the surgical intervention. This happens because the surgical procedure can damage blood vessels surrounding the knee, which can eventually cause blood clots to perform. Blood clots normally form in the lower part of the patient’s leg, but it can also transpire in his upper leg. If a patient experiences blood clots in his leg, it is imperative that he consult his surgeon immediately. Common symptoms of blood clots include increasing pain and swelling in the patient’s leg, particularly in his calf.

Blood Accumulation

Blood can accumulate in the patient’s knee and this happens due to damaged blood vessels caused by surgery. A patient may experience both blood clots and blood accumulation at the same time. A patient may also accumulate excessive fluid in his knee. As soon as the patient informs his surgeon about blood accumulation, the surgeon may recommend a few steps to prevent further complications, such as elevating the patient’s leg and performing several light exercises to decrease knee swelling.

It is imperative that patients ask their surgeons about common problems related to ACL reconstruction before they proceed with the procedure. Contact 646-593-7305, or click the link provided below and a qualified representative will call real soon.


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