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Find The Best Reviewed Orthopedic Surgeon on the Upper East Side NYC

Posted on Sun, Feb 23, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Find The Best Reviewed Orthopedic Surgeon on the Upper East Side NYC

According to a number of research studies, the manner in which physicians take care of their own health is vital to their patients’ healthcare. When you are looking for a reputable orthopedic surgeon, you should look for one who is in good physical and mental shape himself. Below are several tips you can use to find a reliable doctor:  orthopedic surgeon

Utilize Social Media

These days, employers check out prospects on various social media incessantly. The same can be done successfully when you are searching for an orthopedic surgeon. Search for doctors through Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Have a look at what healthy activities they are interested in and what type of interest they show in other health topics. Does the target doctor tweet about the latest orthopedic headlines? Does he post health advice regularly?

Interview Front Office Staff

You can tell a lot about a doctor simply by interviewing his staff. They would tell you about the target surgeon’s residency history, where he obtained his certifications, and many others. You should choose a surgeon who is board-certified with admitting licenses at a major hospital or medical center.

Check the Surgeon’s Credentials

Ensure that the target orthopedic surgeon is listed in a number of physician databases, for instance the American Board of Medical Specialties. You can even find reputable orthopedic surgeons from these medical boards.

Types of Patients

Talk to the front office manager of the surgeon’s clinic and ask her what types of people he normally sees. Take note of her descriptions of patients who are about your age and/or have comparable health concerns.

When you have a few first-rate names of orthopedic surgeons, you should conduct some further research in relation to these surgeons. Read reviews about them, because these testimonials can help you determine if the surgeon is the best person to treat you.

What Questions to Ask

How is his bedside manners?

Does the orthopedic surgeon take time to answer your questions and concerns? Does he listen to you? During the initial consultation, does he make you feel relaxed or rushed? When he answers your questions, does he use terms that you can easily understand?

Does he ask the right questions?

You are not the only person that has to ask the right questions, the surgeon also needs to ask you all the right questions in order to ensure that your injury is related to your musculoskeletal system. You should also provide accurate answers, so that he can order the most suitable diagnostic imaging test to obtain a precise diagnosis.

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