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How To Locate The Premier Shoulder Surgeon In NYC – Most Insurances Accepted

Posted on Fri, Dec 6, 2013 @ 09:12 AM

How To Locate The Premier Shoulder Surgeon In NYC – Most Insurances Accepted

A shoulder injury can be very serious to the extent that it may require surgery. If a person is diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, then he definitely needs to consult a reputable shoulder surgeon to possibly undergo surgery. Use the following tips to locate a premier surgeon in NYC:

Ask Family or FriendsHow To Locate The Premier Shoulder Surgeon In NYC – Most Insurances Accepted

Shoulder surgeries are very common, especially among active individuals. If people find it difficult to find shoulder surgeons in the newspapers, they should consider asking their family, coworkers, friends or even their GPs for recommendations. Given that the aforementioned groups of people are trustworthy individuals, they are able to provide quality referrals.

The Internet is Useful

The Internet is a very useful tool that offers a wide variety of medical specialists. Therefore, if a person needs to find a reputable shoulder surgeon, then he should definitely use the Internet. He is able to find numerous profiles of the best shoulder surgeons in the country and save time as well as a lot of effort.

Conduct Research

People should gather at least seven to eight names of the best surgeons in NYC. Thereafter, conduct research via the Internet to verify their qualifications, experience, and medical costs. It is imperative to find out if these candidates are board-certified before people decide to consult them. They should also search online for customer reviews. There is a wide range of rating sites that encourage former and current patients to write testimonials about the doctors who have treated them.

Accepted Insurances

Before making a final decision regarding the best shoulder surgeon to consult, patients need to find out if the candidates accept the health insurance types that they possess. Some surgeons may not accept Humana or Fidelis Care, while others may accept the abovementioned health insurances. If a patient, for instance, has Humana insurance, then he should definitely consult a surgeon who is listed under that particular health insurance.

Interview the Candidates

As mentioned before, patients need to read reviews written about their chosen candidates. Thereafter, compose a list of questions that they want to ask the surgeons during the initial consultation. Ask about their experiences in performing shoulder surgeries, the types of patients that they normally treat, their chosen method (given that that are several types of shoulder surgeries), and many more.

A patient should choose a shoulder surgeon based on his knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. He should also interview the surgeon’s staff to have a better understanding about his work ethics and level of professionalism.

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