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How To Find The Best Sports Medicine Doctor In NYC

Posted on Wed, Dec 4, 2013 @ 09:12 AM

How To Find The Best Sports Medicine Doctor In NYC

There are many effective ways to find a sports medicine doctor, but the best and most effectual way is to obtain several referrals. People who need medical help from sports medicine doctors should ask their primary care providers, coworkers, friends, neighbors, and particularly local athletes. It is vital to choose a physician who treats athletes, because not all orthopedists do, so patients should ask specific and relevant questions.

Check Local UniversitiesHow To Find The Best Sports Medicine Doctor In NYC

 Local universities normally have a sports medicine clinic, thus, patients should call or search online for information. They should also browse various online database listings, such as the American Medical Association, American Orthopaedic Society (for Sports Medicine), and many others. Board-certified sports medicine doctors will be listed under the American Medical Association or the AAOS (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons).

Compose a List of Questions

Consider composing a list of questions relative to the sports medicine doctor and the surgeon’s experience and credentials. Their answers will help patients determine if their background and specialization match their medical situation. Patients should ask if the doctor has treated other people with similar orthopedic problems and what their results with them were. Find out the type of treatment plans that the doctor prescribed for them. It is advisable that patients get the doctor to explain the steps clearly to them.

Bedside Manners are Important

Patients should pay attention to how the sports medicine doctor responds to their questions. A doctor with good bedside manners will listen intently and answer each question clearly. He will ensure that his patients understand the all the treatment options and their risks. Patients should choose a doctor who makes them feel comfortable, especially in the way that he communicates and his personality.

It is furthermore advisable that patients obtain a second opinion, instead of settling for the first sports medicine physician that they meet. Typically, a patient asks for a second opinion because he is not comfortable with the suggested plan that the initial doctor has given him. A second opinion allows the patient to learn about other treatment options that the initial doctor may not practice or usually recommend to patients.

Patients are advised to read customer reviews about the sports medicine doctor. Reviews can be found on a wide variety of websites and blogs. Testimonials often help patients make a wiser decision regarding the best sports medicine physician in NYC. Customer reviews usually include helpful information, such as the doctor’s medical costs, the accepted insurances, his ratings, and staff/medical clinic.

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