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How Can I Find the Premier Knee Surgeon in NYC – We Accept Most Insurances

Posted on Fri, Nov 29, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

How Can I Find the Premier Knee Surgeon in NYC – We Accept Most Insurances 

Athletes injure their knee joint quite frequently. Although it can be a minor injury most of the time, it can become worse if it is not treated immediately and properly. Severe knee injuries often need to be treated by a reputable knee surgeon. Below are methods any athlete can use to find a surgeon successfully to treat their injury: knee

Type of Service Needed

Orthopedic surgeons treat various types of injuries. If an athlete has incurred an injury to his knee, it is highly recommended that he consults a surgeon who specializes in treating knee injuries, such as torn ligaments or knee replacements.

Find a Candidate Locally

Athletes should consider looking for a knee surgeon who resides and practices in their neighborhood. This means patients do not have to travel far to meet their surgeon if they have any last minute inquiries or check-ups. However, if a patient feels that he has found a reliable orthopedic surgeon who practices in a neighboring state, for example, then he should be prepared to spend additional money for accommodation and transport.

Verify Certification

It is fundamental that the target surgeon is highly qualified and experienced in performing knee surgeries. It does not matter how severe the injury is, the surgeon has to be board-certified to carry out various surgery types. To ensure that he is board-certified, athletes can check with AAOS. It is furthermore sensible to find out if he is affiliated with legitimate medical facilities.

Research the Surgeon’s Background

Upon constructing, a list of potential surgeons who are board-certified, athletes should look into their backgrounds. Search online to learn more about these candidates, for instance, try to determine what their success rates are, their average medical fees, level of experience, and read a wide variety of customer reviews that were written about them.

Consult General Practitioners

To ensure that athletes consult a reliable knee surgeon, they should ask their general practitioner for referrals of the best knee surgeons in the area.

Positive Recommendations

At times, the best knee surgeons may be individuals who are highly rated by coworkers, neighbors, family, or friends. As aforementioned, knee injuries are very common, thus athletes should find out from their team members if they have before consulted a highly reputable knee surgeon in NYC or neighboring cities or towns.

Athletes should take their time in consulting the best knee surgeon, because their objective should be to acquire successful treatment and first-class care from the best surgeon and medical center.

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