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How To Find The Top ACL Surgeon In Manhattan - We Are Your Knee Experts

Posted on Wed, Dec 18, 2013 @ 09:12 AM

How To Find The Top ACL Surgeon In Manhattan - We Are Your Knee Experts

Despite the fact that the task of finding a reputable ACL surgeon in Manhattan for ACL injuries may seem disheartening to many people, it is a consolation knowing that this particular surgery type has become common these days. Many individuals who have been operated are able contribute their experiences with those who have not, but need to obtain surgery as soon as possible. Those who are searching for an ACL surgeon will find the following guidelines very useful:

Talk to a General PractitionerHow To Find The Top ACL Surgeon In Manhattan - We Are Your Knee Experts

Consult a general practitioner and ask for recommendations of skilled and experienced orthopedists in Manhattan, particularly the ones specializing in treating ligaments. There is a high possibility that he will provide referrals of specialists that he personally knows. However, if that is not the case, ask the GP for the most convenient way to locate ACL surgeons in the area. He may be able to find former patients who are willing to share their experiences and can provide a few quality recommendations.

State Medical Society or Association

Every state has a medical society or association and patients can call the society or association to ask for referrals of the best ACL surgeons in Manhattan. If patients have already received a recommendation of the best ACL surgeon in Manhattan, they should request his records. Medical societies and associations are responsible for providing surgeons with licenses to treat patients within their state and validating their records.

In addition, they keep information about license revocations, infractions, and grievances on file. Although they may not prefer one ACL surgeon in Manhattan over the other, they will be aware of any reprimands or complaints pending against any surgeons in the region. Patients can search online for contact details of the state medical society or association.

Contact Local Hospitals or Medical Centers

Patients can also call local hospitals or medical centers to find out which orthopedists have privileges there, given that they probably want to undergo surgery close to their homes.

Consult the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)

Patients should consult the AAOS, as it provides the member status of its surgeons and permits patients to search for a particular ACL surgeon in Manhattan by his name, city, and ZIP code. The website also has links to various websites of medical specialists in most regions. Patients are encouraged to conduct further research with reference to their recommendations and verify if they are board-certified, and have the necessary experience to perform ACL surgeries.

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