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Is Having A Torn Rotator Cuff A Common Injury – We Are Shoulder Surgery Experts

Posted on Sun, Dec 15, 2013 @ 09:12 AM

Is Having A Torn Rotator Cuff A Common Injury – We Are Shoulder Surgery Experts

A torn rotator cuff is a very common injury, particularly among athletes who participate in sports, such as rugby, swimming, tennis, and hockey. When a rotator cuff is torn, it normally requires surgery to treat the injury effectively. It is not as simple as sewing the torn pieces together.

More often than not, the surgical intervention can be relatively lengthy and complicated. However, it is possible to obtain a smooth, trouble-less operation, especially if a highly experienced shoulder surgeon performs it. The following are tips patients can easily utilize to find a reputable surgeon to treat their shoulder injuries:Is Having A Torn Rotator Cuff A Common Injury – We Are Shoulder Surgery Experts

Find a reputable surgeon – Patients should start by asking their primary care physicians for some referrals of the best shoulder surgeons or medical centers that are known to provide excellent care and treatment for shoulder injuries. They can also find out from their trusted groups of friends or family, and coworkers if they know any reputable surgeons in the area.

At times, it can be rather difficult to obtain quality recommendations. For this reason, patients should use the Internet to find a shoulder surgeon who specializes in especially treating a torn rotator cuff. While they are going through all the online profiles of the best shoulder surgeons in NYC, they can also conduct research about each of them.

Find out about their consultation fees and their accepted insurances. Bear in mind that not all surgeons accept all insurance types. If a surgeon is not listed under a particular insurance carrier held by the patient, the medical bill will usually be the responsibility of the patient.

A few examples of accepted insurances include Humana, Blue Shield Blue Cross, Fidelis Care, and Medicaid. It is best to find out which insurance types are accepted before arranging a surgery appointment.

Conduct research meticulously – Patients should also find out about the medical centers where the surgeons are practicing medicine. The staff should be professional and friendly, as well as able to answer any questions that the patients may have. It is highly recommended that patients obtain surgery for their torn rotator cuff in a hospital that has the latest medical devices, tools and that is clean at all times.

The shoulder expert should be qualified and board-certified by the AAOS or any other reputable medical boards. Patients should search online for customer reviews and ratings that can be found on various reliable ratings sites. These testimonials can help all patients choose the right shoulder expert to treat their torn rotator cuff.

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