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Will My Rotator Cuff Surgery Be Covered By Insurance - We Accept Most Insurances

Posted on Fri, Dec 13, 2013 @ 09:12 AM

Will My Rotator Cuff Surgery Be Covered By Insurance - We Accept Most Insurances

Rotator cuff surgery is much needed in the case of someone who has severely torn his rotator cuff. Most athletes who incur a rotator cuff tear are told to undergo surgery, especially if they want to regain their complete shoulder functionality as soon as possible. Besides surgery, they are required to undergo several months of prescribed rehabilitation. The following details with reference to rotator cuff tears are extremely helpful:

Rotator Cuff TearsWill My Rotator Cuff Surgery Be Covered By Insurance - We Accept Most Insurances

Most patients need to obtain a surgical intervention if they want to recover fully from the rotator cuff injury. Without surgery, they may not be able to use their shoulder to its full capability. More often than not, athletes are not allowed to compete in sports if their shoulder is not fully healed. For that reason, many athletes would like to undergo surgery as soon as possible.

Where to Find Reputable Orthopedists

Athletes who wish for a successful rotator cuff surgery should search online for reputable orthopedic surgeons. The Internet has extensive lists of orthopedic surgeons who perform rotator cuff surgeries on a daily basis. Most of these surgeons have multiple years of experience in orthopedic surgeries, such as rotator cuff, ACL, MCL, and knee replacements.

To find the best orthopedic surgeon locally, athletes will have to go through several profiles and choose at least seven to eight qualifying candidates. Thereafter, they should conduct further research about each of the candidates. It is recommended that they find additional information about the surgeons’ qualifications, experiences, success rates, and accepted insurances, for example.

Are Surgeries covered by All Medical Insurances?

Rotator cuff surgery is often covered by health insurances. However, athletes are advised to verify beforehand with the surgeon and his insurance carriers about the various types of insurances that are accepted. If a particular surgeon does not accept the insurance type that the patient has, the insurance carrier will probably pay only a fraction (sometimes, the agency does not pay at all) of the medical cost. Therefore, it is vital that the patient make 100% sure, before they schedule an appointment to consult the orthopedic surgeon.

When all the aforementioned issues are verified, athletes should arrange a consultation with the target surgeons. Meet the surgeons personally and take note of how they respond to each question or concern. A highly reputable surgeon who conducts rotator cuff surgery on a regular basis will take his time in addressing questions and concerns that his patients may have. Moreover, he will ensure that the patients fully understand his explanations and that they are comfortable in his presence.

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