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How Often Will I Need Rehab After ACL Surgery

Posted on Wed, Dec 11, 2013 @ 09:12 AM

How Often Will I Need Rehab After ACL Surgery

More often than not, patients who have incurred ACL injuries want to know how often they will need rehab after ACL surgery. Successful rehabilitation usually differs from one patient to the other. Below are common questions and answers that patients may find very useful:

When does physical therapy start after ACL surgery?How Often Will I Need Rehab After ACL Surgery

Rehabilitation starts after the completion of ACL surgery. A patient will start a set of exercises shortly after surgery and in his recovery room. He will be helped by a qualified physical therapist and his surgeon will check up on his progress every now and then.

Does a patient need crutches after ACL surgery?

Normally, patients need to use crutches in order to be more comfortable during rehab after ACL surgery. It is important to keep in mind that during this time, full weight bearing is eventually increased as endured by patients. It normally takes approximately 7 to 10 days after surgery for a patient to feel comfortable without using crutches.

However, this may be an exception to the rule if he also had a MCL repair or other reconstruction surgeries for an extra ligament, for example. In this particular case, his weight bearing may be limited for a couple of months.

What does a patient do during the first several weeks after the surgical intervention?

The first several weeks after surgery often involve attention to diminishing swelling in the knee joint and regaining its normal extension. This is achieved by elevating and icing the operated leg as well as riding a stationary bicycle. Rehab after ACL surgery also involves achieving and maintaining the knee’s full extension and amplifying the quadriceps muscle motion and function. Even though the goal at this stage is to obtain knee flexion of 90 degrees, it is more of a main concern to achieve full extension.

When is a patient allowed to drive once more?

Patients are often allowed to drive normally following two weeks of rehab after ACL surgery. By this time, patients should be off crutches and able to demonstrate sufficient muscle function, comfort, and mobility in order to be allowed to drive. This is, of course, dependent on which leg has been operated on and how quickly the patient recuperates.

Find a reliable ACL surgeon

To achieve a successful surgical intervention and satisfying rehab after ACL surgery, patients are advised to consult reputable ACL surgeons in NYC. The Internet is a great place to start searching for these professionals, as patients can easily conduct research about each of them and their individual medical careers thus far.

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