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Will My Rotator Cuff Surgery Be Covered By Insurance – We Accept Most Insurances

Posted on Thu, Feb 20, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Will My Rotator Cuff Surgery Be Covered By Insurance – We Accept Most Insurances

Rotator cuff surgery is especially necessary for patients who have incurred a severe tear in their rotator cuff. Patients, who have injured their rotator cuff seriously, are often advised to undergo a surgical intervention, as it can help them to regain their standard motion and function without delay. After the completion of surgery, patients will undergo prearranged rehabilitation for a number of months.  rotator cuff

Rotator Cuff Injuries

If patients want to recover from their rotator cuff injuries and be able to use their shoulder as they did before, they need to undergo specialist rotator cuff surgery. Without surgery, they would not be able to use their injured shoulder perfectly, even if they have gone through a rehabilitation routine. Surgeons normally advise their patients (especially if they are athletes) to obtain surgery as soon as possible to ensure that they are able to compete in their chosen sports without any discomfort.

Where to Find Reliable Orthopedic Surgeons

Athletes who want to ensure that their surgery is successful have to take the time to search for reputable orthopedic surgeons. There are various sources that they can employ to find these specialists, for instance the local newspapers, Internet, and by asking friends and family.

The Internet is a great place to start, mostly because patients can find orthopedic surgeons from numerous hospitals and medical centers in their area instantly. Furthermore, they can find out if these surgeons accept all health insurances. Although large numbers of surgeons accept most health insurances, it is advisable that patients check beforehand with the surgeons prior to arranging an appointment.

The health insurances that are accepted by orthopedic surgeons often include Humana, Fidelis Care, and Medicaid. To ensure that the best available surgeon operates on the patient, he needs to go through a long list of local and highly rated orthopedic surgeons. It is advisable to choose at least six or seven candidates and then to go through their profiles meticulously before selecting one.

Surgeries Covered by Insurances

Rotator cuff surgery is typically covered by most health insurances, but as with any surgery type, patients should rather check with their surgeons and insurance carriers first to ensure that the surgery type that they need is fully covered. If the surgery is not completely covered, it normally means that the patient needs to pay a portion of the operation costs, and the co-pay fees as well. To avoid breaking his bank account, the patient has to ensure that he asks questions in regards to the insurance, medical costs, and additional expenses.

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