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Are Shoulder Impingement Treatments Affordable NYC

Posted on Fri, Feb 14, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Are Shoulder Impingement Treatments Affordable NYC

Shoulder impingement disorder is a condition in which the patient endures from mild to extreme pain in her shoulders and experiences difficulty in elevating, placing, and moving her hand behind her back. This disorder arises when the patient’s rotator cuff that supports her shoulder joint muscles is ensnared and inflamed by the front part of her acromion or shoulder blade. When this happens, it is recommended that patients obtain proper shoulder impingement treatments right away.  shoulder impingement

Disorder is Common among Athletes

Shoulder impingement disorder is very common among athletes who perform repetitive overhead movements in sports, such as swimming or baseball. The condition of this disorder needs to be healed in time, as any delay may further lead to complications, for instance frozen shoulder, bursitis, impaired joint mobility, debilitating loss of shoulder strength, and a rotator cuff tear.

When you consult your doctor in relation to this condition, she will begin a treatment that include physiotherapy, recommending a number of strength training exercises, prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs, and activity modification. Your doctor will advise you to rest more than usual. Nonetheless, if you still experience pain during or after undergoing these shoulder impingement treatments, she may offer surgery as a last option.

Shoulder Impingement Surgery Course of Action

The objective of shoulder impingement operation is to relieve patients from pain and impaction as well as to allow more space for their acromion. When there is more space for the acromion, the humeral head can move freely and makes it easier for patients to lift their arm without any discomfort. Surgeons normally perform the subacromial decompression on shoulder impingement syndrome and it can be conducted through two different methods – open and arthroscopic.

Shoulder Impingement Medical Treatment Costs

Costs for shoulder impingement treatments vary from location to location. Furthermore, the cost depends largely on the surgeon’s experience and credentials. The more experience a surgeon possesses, the more a patient pays for the surgical intervention. Non-surgical treatments are often more affordable, but bear in mind that if they do not relieve the pain and discomfort (even after a few months of rehabilitation), the patients may still need to undergo surgery in order to regain their shoulder function and mobility.

To ensure that patients can afford the cost of shoulder impingement treatments, they should consult their doctors and ask about accepted insurances. Alternatively, they can find out if the doctor offers any other payment methods. In some hospitals or even private practices, surgeons offer payment options based on monthly installments.

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