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Top 5 Signs You Have Injured Your Knee and May Need Surgery

Posted on Mon, Feb 10, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Top 5 Signs You Have Injured Your Knee and May Need Surgery 

It is rather difficult to determine if a knee is injured without knowing the exact signs. Below are five clear signs that could verify if a person has injured his knee:  knee injury

  1. The person feels pain or tenderness surrounding his knee

  2. His knee, lower leg, or foot is pale, white, blue, or cold
  3. There is numbness or tingling in his lower leg and/or foot
  4. He feels as if his knee has given out, is unstable, or that is has buckled
  5. He hears or feels a snap, pop, or grinding in his knee

If the knee injury is minor, a physician will normally recommend a number of home treatment options, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, ice/heat pack, elevation, and plenty of rest. Additionally, the patient needs to avoid any vigorous workout that requires the use of his injured knee. However, if a person has injured his knee severely, a surgical intervention is sometimes the only alternative. He will need to undergo rehabilitation right after surgery, so that he can regain his knee’s full motion and function as soon as possible.

When Should Patients Discuss Their Possible Knee Surgery with Their Doctor?

The above issue is something that the patient and his orthopedic surgeon will have to decide on together. Generally, when a person’s knee pain is so extreme that it influences his normal daily activities, then it is an indication that he should undergo knee surgery immediately.

Types of Knee Surgeries

Below are a few types of knee surgeries that are commonly performed by orthopedic surgeons from all over the world:

Knee Replacement Surgery – This surgery is also known as knee arthrosplasty and can help patients with relieving the knee pain and to help restore standard function in their seriously diseased or damaged knee joints. During surgery, an orthopedic surgeon cuts away his patient’s damaged bone and cartilage from his kneecap, shinbone, and thighbone. Thereafter, he replaces it with a synthetic artificial joint that is made from polymers, high-grade plastics, and metal alloys.

Meniscectomy – This particular knee surgery is carried out when a patient’s meniscus is causing pain, damage, swelling, or is causing issues with his movement. The most common form of this surgical intervention is an arthroscopy

ACL Reconstructive Surgery – Athletes who have torn or severely damaged their ACL are often advised to undergo this surgery type. It is performed by removing the damaged ACL and replacing it with a graft tendon.

Individuals who have injured their knees should certainly consult an orthopedist immediately, so that he can offer the best treatment option. Call us at 646-593-7305 to meet with our orthopedic surgeons or click the link below to receive a call back.   


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