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Find a Reliable Doctor For Cortisone Injections

Posted on Thu, Feb 6, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Find a Reliable Doctor For Cortisone Injections

Finding the right doctor for cortisone injection may seem straightforward, but choosing the correct doctor is in fact an intricate process that takes time and thorough research. Below are effective steps that can be used to find the best doctor:  cortisone doctor

Ask for Recommendations

Talk to close relatives, friends, coworkers, and neighbors who are trustworthy and ask if they have any quality references. Additionally, patients should also call local medical schools and hospitals for recommendations. Ask the staff for the doctor’s name whom they consult for medical care, for example.

Call a Number of Hospitals

Before making a final decision, it is definitely worthwhile for patients to call several hospitals and speak to their physicians in person. Do not settle for the first physician available. Look around and carefully consider the pros and cons, for instance the location, consultation fee, medical costs, and other additional expenses. When choosing the right doctor for cortisone injections, the patient needs to know as much as possible about all the qualifying candidates.

Conduct Further Research

If a physician refers the patient to a particular specialist, it is imperative that further research is conducted in regards to the specialist. More often than not, a primary care physician or general doctor may refer their patients to their friends or business associates. Do not assume that these specialists are the best physicians around simply because they were referred by a general practitioner. It is paramount to do some background checks on these specialists to ensure that they are certified and licensed to carry out their duties as physicians.

Obtain Information from the Doctors

Patients should personally find out from the doctors regarding their medical credentials and qualifications. This can be done during the initial consultation, as most physicians offer a free consultation. Before meeting the doctor for cortisone injections, it is recommended that patients compose a list of questions to ask.

Take note of all the answers provided during the consultation, and thereafter, cross-check with well-known medical boards and associations. Medical boards and associations are able to provide more information about the doctors, which include any complaints and/or infractions pending against a particular doctor, or any malpractice lawsuits filed against him or her.

Talk about Insurance Plans

During the initial consultation, patients are advised to discuss the various accepted insurance plans. They should find out if the doctor for cortisone injections is covered under their insurance. Be very specific during this time and ask if the insurance plan covers all visits, procedures, medications, and other related issues.

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