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What is SLAP Repair

Posted on Mon, Feb 3, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

What is SLAP Repair 

SLAP repair is needed when there is a SLAP tear in the shoulder. To help the shoulder become more stable, the labrum (a ring of firm tissue) helps secure the arm bone in its socket. SLAP is an abbreviation for superior labrum anterior to posterior, which in other words refers to the top area of the labrum from its front to its back. When this area is injured, it is known as a SLAP injury.  SLAP

Causes of a SLAP Tear

The labrum tears or frays due to an injury and a person can obtain a SLAP tear if he:

  • Falls on his outstretched arm
  • Falls on his shoulder
  • Lifts heavy objects repetitively or suddenly
  • Braces himself with his outstretched arm in a vehicle accident
  • Does excessive overhead activities, for instance tennis or swimming

The SLAP injury was first classified in athletes sometime in the 80s. Athletes who were very involved in baseball or rugby used to suffer from this particular injury regularly. When a patient incurs a SLAP injury, he is advised to undergo a SLAP repair. Most patients who experience SLAP tears also have other injuries related to the shoulder, such as rotator cuff tears.

How much does it Cost to Repair a SLAP tear?

SLAP tears are one of the common injuries that can happen to a person’s shoulder. The shoulder is used often and on a daily basis, even for simple activities, such as cooking or driving. There are a number of things that can still be done with an injured shoulder. When a SLAP tear occurs, there is damage or a lesion to the topmost area of the labrum.

An orthopedic surgeon in an operating room setting normally performs a SLAP repair, since this surgery is considered a major surgical intervention. If a patient feels any symptoms related to this medical condition, for instance throbbing ache in the shoulder joint and difficulty in sleeping because of discomfort, the patient should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The cost for a SLAP repair depends largely on the location of the medical center and the amount of damage that the patient has incurred in his shoulder. Generally, it may cost anything between $15,000 and $33,000 without any financial assistance from health insurances.

Individuals with health insurances are usually fully covered for this procedure type, because it is deemed as medically compulsory by the surgeon. Given that all health insurances differ from one another, it is recommended that patients check with their insurance carriers before undergoing a SLAP repair.

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