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Who is the Best Surgeon For SLAP Repair

Posted on Wed, Jan 1, 2014 @ 09:01 AM

Who is the Best Surgeon For SLAP Repair 

SLAP surgery is performed unsing a nerve block and general anesthetic. A surgeon for SLAP repair operates the torn labrum arthroscopically and discusses the procedures with his patients before he operates. A SLAP repair entails reattaching the torn labrum using small bone anchors and sutures.  surgeon

Before Surgery is Performed

Patients are advised to avoid drinking and eating after midnight on the day of their surgery. Following the procedure, they are required to wear an arm-sling with a body belt for at least three weeks. After the operation is over, patients are usually allowed to return home after roughly four hours. A physical therapist will meet with every patient that went through SLAP surgery to teach them several exercises that they can do at home in order to regain their shoulder motion and function. Along with all the exercises done at home, patients must attend rehabilitation based on the schedule planned by their physical therapist.

Inflammation and Pain

During surgery, a nerve block is normally used, which means that the patient’s arm and shoulder will feel completely numb after the operation is over. The numbness can last several hours and as soon as the nerve block wears off, the patient will feel sore and will be provided with painkillers. These procedures can be continued at home along with a cold and hot compression wrap to reduce inflammation and pain.

A surgeon for SLAP repair may also advise patients to wrap frozen peas or crushed ice in a cold, damp cloth and place it on the operated shoulder. This needs to be done for 15 to 20 minutes. The operated shoulder should be covered with a piece of cling firm in order to ensure that it is always dry.

SLAP Wounds

Arthroscopic SLAP repair is done through 5mm puncture wounds. Patients do not have to worry about stitches, because only tiny plaster strips are used to cover the wounds once surgery is performed. This area need to be kept dry for about seven days and it is possible if patients use waterproof plaster strips during a shower or bath. Plaster strips can be bought from pharmacies.

Sleeping Time

The best surgeons for SLAP repair, like the reputable Dr. Jerry Lubliner, often advise their patients to use an arm-sling while they sleep. Sleeping can be painful if patients try to lie on their injured arm, which is why they are recommended to lie on the opposite side or on their back. To feel more comfortable, ordinary pillows can be used to offer support to the shoulder.

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