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Find an Affordable Doctor For Labral Tears NYC

Posted on Tue, Jan 14, 2014 @ 09:01 AM

Find an Affordable Doctor For Labral Tears NYC

Since surgeons began using arthroscopes to diagnose and treat various orthopedic conditions, they have made a number of discoveries with relation to certain medical conditions that no one knew about before. One of the medical conditions is known as a labral tear, which is a small structure located in the shoulder. The tear can cause extreme pain and a catching sensation in the patient’s shoulder. A doctor for labral tears will normally run a few significant tests to determine the severity of the damage.  tears

Labral Tears: Causes

Labral tears are frequently caused by an injury directly to the shoulder, which can easily be caused by falling on a person's out-stretched arm, for example. The labrum can furthermore tear from deterioration or excessive usage of the shoulder. A severely injured labrum can cause shoulder instability and any additional motion of the humerus can cause further damage to the patient’s labrum and cause it to tear. Contact sports, such as baseball, rugby, football, or even swimming can often cause this type of injury.

Labral Tears: Symptoms

Any reputable doctor for labral tears will say that the primary symptom of labral tears is a catching sensation or sharp pop in the shoulder, especially during some shoulder movements.  An indistinct aching for a few hours often follows this. At certain times, the labral tear may not cause any pain at all. However, shoulder instability from the damaged labrum can cause the shoulder to slip.

Labral Tears: Diagnosis

To diagnose the injury, a doctor will ask several questions in regards to the patient’s medical history. More often than not, doctors may suspect a tear to the labrum based on their patients’ medical history. Thereafter, the doctor for labral tears will run a physical examination on his patient that includes a number of shoulder movements that could help display the symptoms. MRI and CT scans are essential when diagnosing labral tears. At times, it is difficult to verify if the labrum is torn, thus, a doctor may perform an arthroscopic surgical intervention to confirm the tear.

Labral Tears: Where to find Affordable Highly Knowledgeable Doctors

People with an injured shoulder should obtain a consultation with a shoulder specialist. There are many affordable orthopedic surgeons in NYC that can correctly diagnose the shoulder injury. Referrals from general practitioners or family doctors are a great way to start looking for an affordable doctor for labral tears. Alternatively, patients should ask their relatives or coworkers for a few reliable recommendations or search online for reputable local candidates that could treat their shoulder injury.

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