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Tips For a Speedy Rehab After ACL Surgery

Posted on Tue, Jan 21, 2014 @ 09:01 AM

Tips For a Speedy Rehab After ACL Surgery

ACL surgeries are performed daily, because the cause, which is a tear to the ACL of the person’s knee, is something that happens quite often. This injury happens mainly to active people, such as professional and amateur sportspeople, but it could happen to anybody while performing an activity that puts strain on the knee. An ACL surgery is not a complicated medical procedure, but it is frequently needed to properly repair the ACL tear.  ACL surgery

A Speedy Recovery Is Often Required

The normal recovery time after ACL surgery is around four to six months, but professional athletes, for example, regularly require the quickest recovery time. To accomplish this, they need to concentrate on the following:

  • Proper rehabilitation is crucial

The time spent in rehabilitation depends on a few important factors, which include the level of fitness of the patient at the time of the injury and his knee’s range of motion. Furthermore, if he follows the instructions from the medical experts, he can achieve his recovery goal.

  • Stick to a strict physical therapy schedule

The patient will be referred to a top physical therapist after surgery is completed and he has to follow the instructions of the therapist closely. A skilled physical therapist will know how to go about achieving the recovery goal of the patient and she will know if it is realistic or not. She will never take any chances, which is why the patient needs to adhere to her professional opinions at all times.

If he sticks to his therapy sessions and follow her instructions, such as doing the exercises that she recommends, he could recover fully in a shorter time. It is vital that the patient does not take things into his own hands. These top medical professionals know exactly what is good for him and his knee injury.

  • What can be done at home?

Apart from the various exercises that the patient receives and that he has to do at home, he can apply his own cold and heat treatments on the injured knee. He can perform this at home and speed up the healing process.

  • Do not put unnecessary pressure on knee

This is especially important during the first two to four weeks after the ACL surgery is performed. Too much pressure on the knee could extend the recovery time.

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