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How Do I Find a Surgeon For My Labral Tear NYC

Posted on Wed, Feb 19, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

How Do I Find a Surgeon For My Labral Tear NYC

An athlete who injures his labral will ask where he can find a surgeon for my labral tear. Finding a surgeon to treat a torn labral is not as difficult as some seem to think. However, to find a reputable surgeon, it is best that a patient takes his time prior to deciding. Below are several tips on how to find reputable surgeons to treat labral tears:  labral tear

Talk to Primary Care Doctors

Primary care doctors are the best people to ask when a person needs reliable recommendations for surgeons who specialize in labral treatments. Every person has a primary care doctor, which usually knows the most reputable surgeons in his patient’s area, and he will have the experience in recommending his patients to local orthopedic surgeons.

Talk to Family and Friends

Family and friends are also able to provide recommendations for the best orthopedic surgeons. Labral tears are rather common, and more often than not, these patients can provide informative details about surgeons who can treat any related injuries.

Conduct Research about the Surgeon

When looking for a surgeon for my labral tear, patients need to conduct as much research as possible regarding the surgeons. Various places, such as the AAOS or AMA can be used to find out more about the surgeons’ qualifications, specializations, and credentials. Research can be conducted online, as both the aforementioned associations have databases that can easily be accessed online. Moreover, there are web databases that specifically list all types of physicians, and they have exceptional search features that can help patients explore each surgeon properly.

Ask Questions

A patient should not be afraid to ask tough questions when he is looking for the right surgeon for my labral tear. He needs to ask questions in regards to the surgeons’ experience and credentials. Additionally, he should ask the surgeon for references where he could obtain additional information.

Always Consider a Second Opinion

It does not hurt to ask for a second opinion, particularly if the patient is not sure if the surgeon is the right one for him. As aforementioned, asking a surgeon for references will help patients make a better decision as to which surgeon to consult.

Always Trust Instincts

Patients should always trust their instincts when looking for a surgeon for my labral tear. They should not be wary if the initial consultation did not go as they had planned. It did not necessarily mean that the surgeon was a bad physician or that the patient was inconsiderate, it could mean that they were not compatible to work together.

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How Do I Know If I Have Shoulder Impingement

Posted on Tue, Feb 18, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

How Do I Know If I Have Shoulder Impingement 

One of the common causes of shoulder pain is shoulder impingement syndrome. It happens when there is impingement of the bursa or tendons in the shoulder from the bones connected to it. Repeated overhead activity of the shoulder is deemed as a risk factor that contributes to this particular syndrome. Overhead activities of the shoulder include swimming, lifting, painting, tennis, and many more. Two other risk factors are joint and bone abnormalities.  shoulder impingement

With shoulder impingement syndrome, pain can be very persistent and it influences daily activities. Shoulder motions, for instance reaching up overhead or behind to put on a blouse or a shirt can cause severe pain.

Symptoms of Shoulder Syndrome

General symptoms of shoulder impingement syndrome include pain with overhead usage of the arm, weakness in the shoulder muscles, and difficulty in reaching up or behind the back. If the tendons in the shoulder were injured for an extended amount of time, they can eventually tear in two and result in rotator cuff tears. When this happens, it can cause extreme weakness and make it impossible for the injured person to lift his arm. A large number of individuals could experience a rupture in their biceps muscles as part of this syndrome process.

How is this Syndrome Diagnosed?

A physician will normally begin the diagnosis of shoulder impingement by asking questions about his patient’s medical history and the physical exam. To rule out arthritis, X-rays will be conducted. In addition, they can help to show any changes in the bone that may indicate injury of the shoulder muscle. Changes or bone spurs in the contour of the shoulder bone may also be present.

How is this Syndrome Commonly Treated?

In order to treat this syndrome, physicians will advise their patients to take oral anti-inflammatory medications, for instance naproxen, ibuprofen, or aspirin. These medications are said to be able to treat the condition and help relieve pain and swelling.

Medications are normally prescribed and taken for a period of at least six to eight weeks; because that is the length of time, it takes to treat the shoulder impingement syndrome fully. It is advisable that patients follow their physicians’ instructions carefully, as the medications can cause bleeding and stomach irritation at times.

Physicians often advise their patients that there are no preferred medications for this syndrome, because response to any provided medication varies from patient to patient. If a particular anti-inflammatory medicine does not help within two weeks, then the physician will prescribe another medication for his patient until a certain medication type provides adequate relief.

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What are the Most Effective Treatments for Shoulder Impingement

Posted on Mon, Feb 17, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

What are the Most Effective Treatments for Shoulder Impingement 

Shoulder impingement syndrome is very common among athletes, particularly if they are involved in sports that require repeated overhead throwing movements or motions, for instance volleyball, softball, water polo, swimming, or tennis. During normal shoulder movements, the subacromial bursa and rotator cuff travel effortlessly underneath the acromion in the subacromial space.  shoulder impingement

In addition, the subacrominal bursa assists the rotator cuff to allow it to travel without difficulties underneath the AC and acromion joint. When a person incurs shoulder impingement, it refers to the bursa and rotator cuff being impinged or pinched beneath the acromion while performing the overhead activities. When this happens, it can cause grave pain to the athlete. Effective treatments for shoulder impingement are available in various types, which usually include the following:

Shoulder Impingement Treatment Options

In general, athletes can undergo treatments at home. While undergoing treatment, it is advisable that the athlete do not perform any overhead activities and other aggravating tasks until the inflammation and pain subside. Some of the most effective treatments for shoulder impingement include consuming anti-inflammatory medicines, such as ibuprofen and naproxen, and using ice packs. These treatment options help reduce inflammation and pain. In the early stages of treatment, athletes are advised to start a number of motion exercises to restore pain-free movements.

Rehabilitation is Important

If athletes still experience common shoulder impingement symptoms, it is recommended that they undergo rehabilitation with an experienced physical therapist. Rehabilitation requires athletes to use various exercise equipment and undergo electrical stimulation and ultrasounds, as well as other modalities to decrease pain and swelling. Another effective way to treat shoulder impingement syndrome is to obtain a cortisone injection into the subacromial bursa. This injection is only obtainable from certified general doctors and orthopedists.

Shoulder Strengthening Program

Right after undergoing the aforementioned treatments for shoulder impingement, athletes are advised to begin their shoulder-strengthening program with additional attention focused on their rotator cuff muscles. This is especially essential for younger athletes, as shoulder impingement symptoms generally entail underlying instability.

Surgical Intervention is Necessary

The individuals who continuously have disabling symptoms will require surgery in order to help heal shoulder impingement. Surgery allows the surgeon to repair underlying anatomic or structural abnormalities that causes shoulder impingement syndrome. In older individuals who are active in sports, surgery may entail a subacromial decompression. This means that the spurs and arthritic bone are shaved off from the acromion to permit more space for the rotator cuff to move.

It is highly recommended that athletes consult a reputable orthopedist to obtain more information about the correct treatments for shoulder impingement. Call 646-593-7305 to arrange an appointment with a reputable orthopedist today or click below to receive a call from our representatives.  


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Who is the Best Doctor For Shoulder Impingement NYC

Posted on Sun, Feb 16, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Who is the Best Doctor For Shoulder Impingement NYC

Searching for a doctor for shoulder impingement can be an overwhelming experience for some people, as they may not know where to begin. Nevertheless, given that shoulder impingement syndrome is relatively common nowadays, it is not difficult to find an orthopedist who is highly experienced in treating the syndrome. The following are useful resources that people can use to find the most reputable orthopedic surgeon to treat their medical condition:  shoulder impingement

Primary Care Providers

Primary care providers are some of the best people to start with when a person needs to find an experienced orthopedist. These medical practitioners have infinite listings of qualified and experienced orthopedic surgeons in the United States, especially in the states that they are providing their expertise. Seeing that every person usually has a family doctor or a primary care physician, he or she is the best person to ask recommendations from for the best orthopedic surgeons.

Medical Societies/Associations

Every state in the US has a number of medical societies or associations. If a person has to consult a doctor for shoulder impingement, he can call the medical society or association in his region and obtain several first-class referrals. The medical society or association is more than willing to provide a list of reputable orthopedists according to the person’s requirements. Additionally, if a patient already has a few names of the best local doctors, he can obtain additional information in relation to them, for instance their success rates, qualifications, and credentials.

Moreover, patients can find out if the target doctor has any infraction filed against him or if there is any license revocation under his name. Medical societies and associations are always up to date with complaints or any reprimands pending against any previous or practicing shoulder doctors.

Local Hospitals in NYC

People who need a doctor for shoulder impingement syndrome should consider visiting a local hospital to obtain a consultation and treatment. Every medical center and hospital in New York City has listings of orthopedic surgeons, and patients are often referred to a shoulder impingement doctor by their general practitioner. If they are not referred to such a medical specialist, they can still ask for a few recommendations from the front office. Patients should ensure that the target doctor has privileges in the medical center or hospital.

Once the patient has a name or several names of shoulder doctors, they should take the time to check with the AAOS if these individuals are qualified and certified to perform treatments that are associated with shoulder impingement, for example.

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Who is the Best Surgeon For Shoulder Impingement NYC

Posted on Sat, Feb 15, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Who is the Best Surgeon For Shoulder Impingement NYC

Finding the right surgeon for shoulder impingement is a straightforward process. However, it is important that patients avoid making a hasty decision when it comes to choosing one from a list of potential candidates. The following are useful tips that patients can use to find a reputable surgeon to treat their shoulder impingement successfully: surgeon

General Practitioners – These are the best people to approach to ask for recommendations of reputable surgeons for shoulder impingement. They have an endless list of orthopedists who they know personally. It is desirable that patients ask why they (general practitioners) recommend the candidates, as it can help them make a better decision.

Medical Society and Association – Patients should check with the medical society and association in their state, as these resources can provide suggestions of the best surgeon for shoulder impingement. They are able to provide the names of surgeons based on the patients’ personal requirements. Moreover, if a patient already has a few candidates on his list, he is able to acquire more information about the surgeons from the medical society or association.

Additional details may include the surgeons’ qualifications, credentials, success rates, and his medical experiences. Many people prefer to obtain information from a medical society or association, because they can find out if the surgeon has any complaint or reprimand pending against him. Furthermore, the society or association can verify if there is any infraction or license revocation under the surgeon’s name.

Local Medical Centers – Individuals who are looking for a surgeon for shoulder impingement should think about visiting a number of the most reputable medical centers in NYC. They can find several first-class orthopedists that practice and specialize in orthopedic medicine, which are furthermore prepared to take new patients. It is imperative that any patient finds out about accepted health insurances before they choose to consult the surgeon.

It is recommended that patients search online for customer’s reviews, as these reviews can help them choose the best surgeon to treat their shoulder syndrome. Various ratings sites publish reviews from patients who were treated by certain surgeons and doctors from all over the United States. If a patient is looking for a particular surgeon for shoulder impingement syndrome, he can search for relevant reviews written about his target surgeon. Patients can also choose a doctor based on ratings that were submitted by previous and current patients of the particular doctor.

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Are Shoulder Impingement Treatments Affordable NYC

Posted on Fri, Feb 14, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Are Shoulder Impingement Treatments Affordable NYC

Shoulder impingement disorder is a condition in which the patient endures from mild to extreme pain in her shoulders and experiences difficulty in elevating, placing, and moving her hand behind her back. This disorder arises when the patient’s rotator cuff that supports her shoulder joint muscles is ensnared and inflamed by the front part of her acromion or shoulder blade. When this happens, it is recommended that patients obtain proper shoulder impingement treatments right away.  shoulder impingement

Disorder is Common among Athletes

Shoulder impingement disorder is very common among athletes who perform repetitive overhead movements in sports, such as swimming or baseball. The condition of this disorder needs to be healed in time, as any delay may further lead to complications, for instance frozen shoulder, bursitis, impaired joint mobility, debilitating loss of shoulder strength, and a rotator cuff tear.

When you consult your doctor in relation to this condition, she will begin a treatment that include physiotherapy, recommending a number of strength training exercises, prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs, and activity modification. Your doctor will advise you to rest more than usual. Nonetheless, if you still experience pain during or after undergoing these shoulder impingement treatments, she may offer surgery as a last option.

Shoulder Impingement Surgery Course of Action

The objective of shoulder impingement operation is to relieve patients from pain and impaction as well as to allow more space for their acromion. When there is more space for the acromion, the humeral head can move freely and makes it easier for patients to lift their arm without any discomfort. Surgeons normally perform the subacromial decompression on shoulder impingement syndrome and it can be conducted through two different methods – open and arthroscopic.

Shoulder Impingement Medical Treatment Costs

Costs for shoulder impingement treatments vary from location to location. Furthermore, the cost depends largely on the surgeon’s experience and credentials. The more experience a surgeon possesses, the more a patient pays for the surgical intervention. Non-surgical treatments are often more affordable, but bear in mind that if they do not relieve the pain and discomfort (even after a few months of rehabilitation), the patients may still need to undergo surgery in order to regain their shoulder function and mobility.

To ensure that patients can afford the cost of shoulder impingement treatments, they should consult their doctors and ask about accepted insurances. Alternatively, they can find out if the doctor offers any other payment methods. In some hospitals or even private practices, surgeons offer payment options based on monthly installments.

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Find Top Center For Shoulder Injuries in Manhattan

Posted on Thu, Feb 13, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Find Top Center For Shoulder Injuries in Manhattan 

A shoulder injury can happen at any time and to almost any person, but it is often the most active individuals, such as sports people who experience these injuries the most. Many individuals make a living from the sport that they compete in and therefore, it is essential that they have their own shoulder specialist who can diagnose any injury or damage to the shoulder very accurately. Most shoulder specialists can be found at a center for shoulder injuries.  shoulder injury

What If a Person Does Not Know Any Shoulder Specialist?

Not all active people know where to find the best center for shoulder injuries, which is why it is vital to find one as soon as possible, especially if an athlete suffers from a shoulder injury. If the athlete allows his shoulder injury to go untreated for too long, the damage to his shoulder could only exacerbate. Having instant access to an accomplished shoulder doctor is nonnegotiable in the case of a professional athlete especially.

If the athlete does not have his own shoulder specialist yet, he needs to find one soon, especially if he competes in sports like rugby, soccer, tennis, and other sports that involve regular contact or puts a lot of strain on the shoulder joints and muscles. It is better to be prepared, should he hurt his shoulder. Then at least he has a center for shoulder injuries where he can go to for treatment immediately, because most of the shoulder specialists belong to their own medical center or hospital.

Search for an Experienced Shoulder Specialist Online

If the athlete is in a hurry to find a suitable shoulder doctor, he will be able to save time by searching for one online. The search results are much more accurate as well on the Internet, which is why it is the favorite search alternative for most people. Any person can find a first-class center for shoulder injuries online, because all these specialized medical centers advertise online and have their own websites too. It is usually worthwhile to have a closer look at more than one or two of these medical centers before making any sort of final decision.

Most professional athletes, for example, will look into the shoulder doctor’s medical history, what he has achieved as a shoulder specialist, what his previous patients have to say about his bedside manners, and the quality work that he delivers. This type of information is always welcome and can assist not only athletes, but also any other active individuals who may have harmed their shoulder joints and/or muscles.

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Top 10 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Shoulder Impingement Doctor

Posted on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Top 10 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Shoulder Impingement Doctor

Before choosing a shoulder impingement doctor, it is advisable that patients consider the following:  shoulder impingement

  1. Experience – Patients should find out as much as they can about the doctor’s medical experiences.

  1. Hospital Affiliations – Take the time to find out about the doctor’s hospital affiliations. The doctor should be board-certified and working with a team of reputable specialists that are prepared to provide the best treatment for the shoulder impingement syndrome.
  1. Treatment for Shoulder Impingement Syndrome – The doctor should be able to offer various treatment options and to perform the surgery (if necessary) himself, instead of his colleagues or assistants.
  1. Goals and Expectations – Patients are advised to express their goals and expectations from the treatment option that is offered by the shoulder doctor. Choose a doctor who tells the patient that his or her expectations are unrealistic or otherwise.
  1. Medical Expenses – Patients need to ensure that they ask the doctor about his medical costs, consultation fee, and other additional expenses before they consult him. Bear in mind that different doctors offer different costs, which largely depend on their locations and qualifications.
  1. Anesthesia – Besides verifying the doctor’s experience and credentials, it is recommended that patients ask the doctor about the aesthetician that is in charge of monitoring the anesthesia. Ask the doctor to recommend a trusted aesthetician and if necessary, conduct as much research as possible about him or her.
  1. Recovery Time – Patients should choose a shoulder doctor who is able to discuss the recovery period and everything else related to the procedure or treatment. The doctor should be able to answer any questions that patients have about the treatment options and rehabilitation.
  1. Rehabilitation – A reputable shoulder doctor has numerous contacts of physical therapists that are able to create exercise programs for his patients to ensure that they can regain their shoulder function and motion within a short period.
  1. Easy to Contact – Consider choosing a doctor who does not restrict his patients from contacting him. Even if he is extremely busy, he should provide contact details of his staff or assistants. Patients should be able to contact him and his staff via telephone or email.
  1. Bedside Manner – Patients should choose a shoulder impingement doctor who has good bedside manners, which means he constantly keeps in touch with his patients to find out if they are recovering from the shoulder impingement treatment.

To find out if the doctor is reputable and has good bedside manners, patients need to take the time to read patient reviews that can be found on the Internet.

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What is Shoulder Manipulation

Posted on Tue, Feb 11, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

What is Shoulder Manipulation

Adhesive capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder is a medical condition that causes limitation of motion and serious pain in a person’s shoulder joint. The true cause for this condition is unknown, but it is reported that certain individuals do have a higher probability of developing frozen shoulder. This condition causes the capsule adjoining the shoulder joint to contract and create scar tissue. One of the treatment methods includes shoulder manipulation.  shoulder manipulation

Shoulder Surgery for Frozen Shoulder

Normally, a surgeon will only offer shoulder manipulation surgery as a last resort treatment, particularly if any non-surgical treatment options do not resolve the condition. Shoulder manipulation is always performed under anesthesia and the surgeon will forcefully move the arm to disintegrate scar tissue that is caused by adhesive capsulitis. When manipulation is carried out, there are no incisions made.

As an alternative, or in combination with the manipulation, a surgeon may perform arthroscopic shoulder surgery to eradicate scar tissue physically. This method is known as the arthroscopic capsular release and is rarely necessary. However, it is tremendously useful in cases where frozen shoulder does not react to rehabilitation and therapy. If a surgeon offers manipulation surgery, the patient has to undergo rehabilitation right after the capsular release is performed. If the patient delays rehabilitation, there is a high chance that the frozen shoulder condition will return.

Recovery from Adhesive Capsulitis

Most individuals who suffer from frozen shoulder will normally have slight restrictions in their normal shoulder motions, even after years of resolving the condition. Nevertheless, these restrictions are minimal, and often only noticed when they perform a thorough physical examination. The majority of patients who incur a frozen shoulder will normally recover their full shoulder motion and function through a decent amount of stretching and therapy alone.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Below are non-surgical treatment options that are offered by qualified physicians before suggesting any type of shoulder manipulation surgery:

Exercises and stretching – Patients are advised to focus on improving their range of motion in the shoulder joint. The focus should be on stretching their shoulder capsule.

Heat/ice applications – Applications of heat and ice packs can help loosen the joint as well as offer relief of swelling and pain. An ice pack is normally used after stretching to decrease any pain and inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory medications – Anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen or naproxen can help with relieving pain and swelling. However, if the pain and swelling persist, it is advisable that the patient consult his physician immediately.

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Top 5 Signs You Have Injured Your Knee and May Need Surgery

Posted on Mon, Feb 10, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Top 5 Signs You Have Injured Your Knee and May Need Surgery 

It is rather difficult to determine if a knee is injured without knowing the exact signs. Below are five clear signs that could verify if a person has injured his knee:  knee injury

  1. The person feels pain or tenderness surrounding his knee

  2. His knee, lower leg, or foot is pale, white, blue, or cold
  3. There is numbness or tingling in his lower leg and/or foot
  4. He feels as if his knee has given out, is unstable, or that is has buckled
  5. He hears or feels a snap, pop, or grinding in his knee

If the knee injury is minor, a physician will normally recommend a number of home treatment options, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, ice/heat pack, elevation, and plenty of rest. Additionally, the patient needs to avoid any vigorous workout that requires the use of his injured knee. However, if a person has injured his knee severely, a surgical intervention is sometimes the only alternative. He will need to undergo rehabilitation right after surgery, so that he can regain his knee’s full motion and function as soon as possible.

When Should Patients Discuss Their Possible Knee Surgery with Their Doctor?

The above issue is something that the patient and his orthopedic surgeon will have to decide on together. Generally, when a person’s knee pain is so extreme that it influences his normal daily activities, then it is an indication that he should undergo knee surgery immediately.

Types of Knee Surgeries

Below are a few types of knee surgeries that are commonly performed by orthopedic surgeons from all over the world:

Knee Replacement Surgery – This surgery is also known as knee arthrosplasty and can help patients with relieving the knee pain and to help restore standard function in their seriously diseased or damaged knee joints. During surgery, an orthopedic surgeon cuts away his patient’s damaged bone and cartilage from his kneecap, shinbone, and thighbone. Thereafter, he replaces it with a synthetic artificial joint that is made from polymers, high-grade plastics, and metal alloys.

Meniscectomy – This particular knee surgery is carried out when a patient’s meniscus is causing pain, damage, swelling, or is causing issues with his movement. The most common form of this surgical intervention is an arthroscopy

ACL Reconstructive Surgery – Athletes who have torn or severely damaged their ACL are often advised to undergo this surgery type. It is performed by removing the damaged ACL and replacing it with a graft tendon.

Individuals who have injured their knees should certainly consult an orthopedist immediately, so that he can offer the best treatment option. Call us at 646-593-7305 to meet with our orthopedic surgeons or click the link below to receive a call back.   


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