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Top Reviewed Orthopedic Surgeons of 2013

Posted on Wed, Feb 26, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Top Reviewed Orthopedic Surgeons of 2013

Orthopedic surgeons often treat injuries or illnesses that are related to your musculoskeletal system. Depending on the severity of your injury or illness, it is possible that a group of specialists will treat you. Regardless, it is essential to consult an orthopedic surgeon who can provide detailed information in regards to your injury or illness. The following guidelines can be used effectively to find various top reviewed orthopedic doctors in your region.   orthopedic surgeon

How to Find Credible Surgeons

Eight out of 10 of your friends are regularly able to recommend a few names and contact details for the best surgeons in the region, or even country. They may have had first-hand experience with the surgeons, but similar to purchasing a product or consulting a professional, it is essential to conduct your own thorough research in relation to the referrals you received.

There are various reliable resources that you can use to find reputable local orthopedic surgeons, for instance magazines, newsletters, mailings, newspapers, and of course, the Internet. Keep in mind that finding top reviewed orthopedic physicians who meet your every requirement is not and should not be a sudden decision. You need to take your time in order to find a surgeon who can communicate properly and is prepared to work with you in order to make the best decisions concerning your health. While this can be a lengthy process, it will be worth it.

- Seek Advice from Friends and Relatives

Ask your friends and relatives for a few referrals. If they do not have any, you can check with your primary care physician.

- Search the Yellow Pages or Classifieds

The Yellow Pages and Classified section in the local newspapers often have a long list of orthopedic surgeons who boast many years of experience in practicing medicine.

- Medical Organizations or Boards

You can effortlessly find websites of reputable medical organizations and boards that are willing to provide reputable surgeons that specialize in orthopedics. Ask for surgeons who have medical centers or offices in your neighborhood.

- The Internet

This is the best resource to use, mostly because you can search for top reviewed orthopedic surgeons and conduct your own research at the same time. You will find that one of the top rated surgeons is Dr. Jerry Lubliner who has practiced medicine for over 30 years in the United States.

When searching online for the best surgeons, it is advisable that you find out more about the surgeons’ specializations, consultation fees, medical costs, and bedside manners. You may want to search for customer reviews to help you choose the best surgeon to take care of you.

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Top Orthopedic Surgeons in NYC

Posted on Wed, Oct 16, 2013 @ 09:10 AM

Top Orthopedic Surgeons in NYC

Orthopedic surgeons treat patients who have medical conditions that involve their muscles, bones, nerves, tendons, joints, and ligaments. General practitioners, who are unable to accurately diagnose the injury or pain that a patient suffers from, often refer the patient to an orthopedic surgeon. These surgeons also treat various disorders that are related to the human musculoskeletal system and numerous deformity cases.  

orthopedic surgeons NYC

Patients who need a torn or damaged joint repaired and/or replaced, particularly in the hip or knee area, usually seek help from these medical specialists. If a patient has broken bones or dislocated joints, an orthopedic surgeon is able to fix them as well. To help patients with missing limbs, orthopedic surgeons will construct artificial or prosthetic limbs, so that the patients will have the ability to use their limbs once again. It is safe to say that these specialists have a lot to offer the medical industry in general.

Where to find Top Orthopedists in NYC

Patients who want the best treatment should search for top orthopedic surgeons in New York City. There are various ways to obtain their names and contact details. The easiest way is to conduct thorough research online and to read all the reviews that can be found on all the reputable orthopedists in NYC. Alternatively, patients can ask for referrals from their general practitioners, dentists, family, friends, or even neighbors, as some of the injuries related to the musculoskeletal system are relatively common.

Get to Know the Surgeons

Once their contact details are obtained, patients should call the surgeons’ offices to find out more about the orthopedic surgeons. Ask simple questions in regard to the relevant injuries or medical conditions, the medical costs involved, and other significant issues. It is imperative that a patient has several candidates on his list, so that he can end up choosing the best surgeon to treat him after comparing the candidates with one another.

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Find Best Orthopedic Surgeons NYC – All Insurance Accepted

Posted on Tue, Aug 6, 2013 @ 13:08 PM

Find Best Orthopedic Surgeons NYC – All Insurance Accepted

Orthopedic surgeons are plentiful in New York City and for that reason; it can be relatively difficult for people to find the best candidate to perform ACL reconstruction surgery or other knee surgeries on them. When it comes to consulting an orthopedic surgeon, it is crucial that patientsorthopedic surgeon take the time to conduct thorough research regarding the candidates that they have listed.

Various reviews and ratings that can be found online prove to be incredibly beneficial to those who want the best orthopedist. The following guidelines on how one can find a reputable orthopedic surgeon are particularly helpful:

General Practitioners are Ideal Resources

Everyone has a general practitioner, and he generally has an extended list of contact details for doctors from different medical fields. Normally, general practitioners are the first professionals that patients consult if they experience pain in their knee. If these general doctors are unable to diagnose the injury, they will refer their patients to prominent orthopedic surgeons in NYC.

Obtain Recommendations from Friends or Colleagues

Knee injuries are relatively common among active people, especially those who participate in sports regularly. Besides active people, older generations consult orthopedists frequently too, particularly those who suffer from arthritis. Hence, friends, neighbors, or colleagues may have a few recommendations concerning regional orthopedic surgeons that people may be able to contact.

As previously mentioned, it is vital that patients take their time to get to know the prospective surgeons. Through their contact details, patients can gather additional information about the orthopedic surgeons by investigating their backgrounds. The American Academy for Orthopedic Surgeons is a great place to start, since most prominent surgeons are listed in their detailed database.  

When choosing an orthopedic surgeon, it is decidedly recommended that patients make sure that the surgeon accepts their insurance policies. Below is a list of health insurance policies that a majority of orthopedists accepts:

- Fidelis Care
- Humana
- Unicare
- Evercare
- United Healthcare
- Capital District Physicians Health Plan
- Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
- Oxford Health Plans

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Find the Best Orthopedic Surgeons NYC

Posted on Sat, Jul 13, 2013 @ 10:07 AM

Find the Best Orthopedic Surgeons NYC

Orthopedic surgeons are individuals who specialize in the human musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is made up of the human skeleton, tendons, muscles, cartilage, joints, ligaments, and other connective tissues. The primary functions of the musculoskeletal system include protecting the vital organs, allowing motion, and supporting the body. When a patient feels pain in his knee or shoulder, he will generally consult a doctor first to verify if his joints, cartilage, or ligaments are torn.

Seek Help from an Orthopedist Today!

If the doctor finds that the injury is severe, he will use his experience and refer the patient to anorthopedic surgeon orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic surgeons or orthopedists are able to diagnose the severity of the injury through numerous tests that include an MRI, CT scans, and X-rays. As soon as the orthopedic surgeon concludes that the rotator cuff or knee joint has incurred a huge tear, he will typically recommend that the patient undergo surgery.

However, if it is a minor injury, the orthopedist will usually suggest a number of non-surgical procedures. These treatment options may vary, for instance, heat and cold compressions, NSAIDs (ibuprofen, naproxen), steroid injections, and rehabilitation. The steroid injection and drugs are normally prescribed to help alleviate inflammation and pain.

Where to Search for the Best Orthopedists

People who have an injured knee joint or shoulder should search online for the best orthopedic surgeons in the NYC region. The search for these professionals will not take very long unless patients want to conduct further research concerning them. From their search online, patients can find out more about these surgeons, such as the medical costs involved, types of insurance coverage, educational backgrounds, and many more.

It is greatly suggested that patients take as much time as they need when it comes to choosing an orthopedist, because when it comes to treating the musculoskeletal system, patients need a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon.

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Do Orthopedic Surgeons Repair Joints

Posted on Wed, Jun 19, 2013 @ 12:06 PM

Do Orthopedic Surgeons Repair Joints

Orthopedic surgeons are skilled healthcare professionals who treat patients with medical conditions that are often found in the muscles, ligaments, bones, tendons, nerves, and joints. Part of their job is to identify and care for individuals who have suffered torn tendons or ligaments, and broken bones, among other things.  

Additionally, they treat conditions and disorders of the human musculoskeletal system that orthopedist nycallows movement of the body. An orthopedic surgeon in this particular medical field may opt to focus on correcting deformities, treating patients who suffered from a type of trauma, or setting bones.

Orthopedists can do more than Repair Joints

Even though orthopedic surgeons are best known for their services in treating patients who need joints repaired or replaced (particularly in the hip or knee area) and helping individuals with broken bones, they are certainly trained to do more. Besides the aforementioned, orthopedists provide their services by straightening their patients’ spines and utilizing prosthetics to treat individuals with missing limbs.

There are a number of specializations in the orthopedics field, such as the following:

• Orthopedic surgeons who work with individuals who suffer from deformed feet or hands
• Orthopedists who decide to focus on sports injuries
• Orthopedic doctors treat children who are injured and disabled
• Orthopedists that treat degenerative diseases, tumors, and infections.

How Does an Orthopedist Treat Patients?

Orthopedic surgeons normally diagnose patients and utilize both surgical and medical techniques to treat their patients. They may work closely with other medical practitioners who refer individuals to them, by evaluating the medical records of patients and sharing treatment interventions with the referring medical doctor. Orthopedists also examine patients and may order a variety of significant tests, such as X-rays and MRI scans to establish what the medical conditions or injuries are.

In addition to all the above, orthopedic surgeons will organize their patients’ post-surgery treatment as well, such as their medication and rehabilitation.

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